About Us

Why Choose Us?
Located in La Mesa, California, United Medical Transport serves the San Diego area with non-emergency medical transportation services to empower patients to place their focus where it belongs. Their focus belongs on making a full recovery, rather than acquiring proper transportation.
No matter the nature of your appointment as long as it is a non-emergency medical appointment United Medical Transport will be there to make sure you receive the medical attention you need and deserve. We listen intently to all of our patient's needs to build a rapport that helps us understand their unique circumstances and deliver the level of service they need to get better. Simply use our online forms to schedule an appointment in no time or contact us with any useful details or information at the email address of one of our representatives, [email protected] 
  1. Safety
    We make sure to buckle up and provide safe transportation for those looking to get non-emergency transporation for appointments or any other medical visits. Through attention to detail and our willingness to communicate with each patient, we strive to offer a superior level of service that satisfies our patients and that we can take pride in.
  2. Care
    Our mission statement is to provide our customers with prompt, high-quality service that will enable them to acquire professional medical attention without stressing over their means of transportation.
  3. Efficiency
    We aim to get you to your appointment and destinations in a timely manner. We make sure to follow the GPS for the fastest route and we work hard to avoid major traffic incidents when we are capable of doing so. Getting you the passenger to your destination is our ultimate goal.
How do I get a ride?
We make the process as simple and straightforward as possible because we understand that our clients have much more important matters to tend to. United Medical Transport makes each valued customer our top priority for every appointment made, and you can be sure that we will arrive when expected and see that you reach your destination right on time. Fighting cancer, as well as many other conditions, can demand 100% of the patient's attention, and letting United Medical Transport help you get to your appointments on time means that you can devote all of your valuable attention toward what matters most.

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