United Medical Transport Inc.

Providing Door-To-Door Non Emergency Medical Transportation
Since 2019
  1. On Time Appointments
    We provide provide safe, timely, courteous and personalized transportation services for non emergency appointments.
  2. Non-Emergency Rides
    A individual who requires transportation to a medical appointment should be provided with a safe, comfortable, and convenient ride to his or her destination.
  3. Serves San Diego
    Located in La Mesa, California, United Medical Transport serves the San Diego area with non-emergency medical transportation services.
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Located in La Mesa, California, United Medical Transport serves the San Diego area with non-emergency medical transportation services to empower patients to place their focus where it belongs. Their focus belongs on making a full recovery, rather than acquiring proper transportation. We know our clients demand timely and reliable transportation, and that's why we streamline the appointment process and have a team of professionals standing by to ensure you reach your destination safely and on time. No matter the nature of your appointment, as long as it is a non-emergency medical appointment United Medical Transport will be there to make sure you receive the medical attention you need and deserve. 
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We understand our customers are very busy and have a lot they are dealing with, so we make it as easy as possible to book appointments and we make sure to answer questions via our email ASAP. United Medical Transport wants our patients to sit back and recuperate fully while we worry about how you'll get to your appointments to receive the care you need.
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At United Medical Transport, our mission statement is very clear. Our mission statement is to provide our customers with prompt, high-quality service that will enable them to acquire professional medical attention without stressing over their means of transportation. Our staff is highly committed to this mission, and works diligently to see that all of our clients' needs are cared for and they are able to meet their appointments with no questions asked. Making it our sole focus to get the patient where they need to be on time allows them more space and freedom to attend to any issues they are experiencing and have peace of mind that all will be O.K. Through attention to detail and our willingness to communicate with each patient, we strive to offer a superior level of service that satisfies our patients and that we can take pride in. 
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